Why SetUp

Setup means preparing the operations for the next start of a system, and it indicates the fair’s intentions: ignite a new process to rethink the art system. SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is the first and only fair designed to make interact the three key figures of the contemporary art establishment: artist – curator/critic – gallerist.
Our format asks exhibitors to present a curatorial project, with at least an under 35 artists combined with a critic text written by an under 35 curator.

Ithaca is the theme for the 7th edition

The guiding theme for the seventh edition of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is Ithaca.
Ithaca is Ulysses island, the driving force of his adventures, the engine of his travels, the island where Penelope and her ‘heart of iron' awaits him. But mostly is the island where the journey becomes destination.
Since seven years, SetUp is the island that attracts art sailors. A port where artists, gallery owners, collectors and art enthusiasts mix languages, cultures and dreams, building together a memory of the future, envisaging an utopian world, a house where everybody is at home.
SetUp is the aim and ambition of those who are not afraid to cross the sea, to meet people living on the other side, to challenge the risk of feeling different, of sinking on a boat, of drowning for the desire of knowledge and travel.

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