2019 Theme

Ithaca gave you the marvelous journey.Without her you would not have set out.She has nothing left to give you now.And if you find her poor, Ithaca won’t have fooled you.Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,you will have understood by then what these Ithacas mean.(K. Kavafis)The guiding theme for the seventh edition of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is Ithaca.Ithaca is Ulysses island, the driving force of his adventures, the engine of his travels, the island where Penelope and her ‘heart of iron' awaits him. But mostly is the island where the journey becomes.Since seven years, SetUp is the island that attracts art sailors. A port where artists, gallery owners, collectors and art enthusiasts mix languages, cultures and dreams, building together a memory of the future, envisaging an utopian world, a house where everybody is at home.SetUp is the aim and ambition of those who are not afraid to cross the sea, to meet people living on the other side, to challenge the risk of feeling different, of sinking on a boat, of drowning for the desire of knowledge and travel. Some questions: What does it mean to sail without a port to reach? What is the purpose of escaping, without having an homeland to return back to? Is it worth living without being curious about what is beyond the sea? What's the point of returning back home after having sailed for years? Will we always be the same, or will we found ourself changed by the journey? Will we still find someone waiting for us?After 'Orientation', 'Equilibrium' and 'Expectation', SetUp continues its journey by asking the future exhibitors to present a curatorial project where the vision of the present and future, is an investigation about Ithaca. The answers will inevitably be multifaceted because there is no better interpretation than the others. The strength and beauty of the chosen theme is based on the multiplicity of personal experiences and feelings. Each curatorial project will be a precious point of view in order to build our Ithaca, everybody’s home.

Scientific Committee

Why SetUp?

When SetUp was born, it was a beautiful and flourishing little girl, who bodes well for the future. Today it is a dynamic and full of life girl, a lover of new things, self-confident and open to the future. SetUp has grown up well, it had the courage and the energy to change location but not its personality. I am very proud to be a some kind of an auntie to this beautiful creature, SetUp adds vividness and interest to the art week of Bologna during this golden January.

Long life to SetUp!!

Why SetUp?

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair has become a cornerstone for the contemporary art scene and in its seventh edition is a must for artists, curators, gallery owners and collectors. Organized in an exemplary manner by a team of professionals, the fair fits for young artists, who vent their creativity and their undisputed ability in an outstanding location. Since its first edition, SetUp has always developed a very intense, exclusive and popular program that every time recreates a pleasant experience. Awards in support of young talents, collateral events, theatrical performances, additional spaces dedicated to the video section/installations, transform the traditional exhibition room into a contagious party, a welcoming meeting place, a place where cultures mingle and people dialogue, a place that everyone consider as his own, where everyone feels like "home". To the question: Why SetUp? I answer that’s because it is an initiative addressing a contemporary audience, a container of highly appealing events that has grown thanks to the efforts of those who have invested, those who have believed, those who have shared something, allowing the fair to become an unique reality in the art world.

Camilla Previ e Giovanni Scarzella | Collectors and members of Club GAMeC

Why SetUp?

Setup because it is the place where we can surely see pure and spontaneous talent sprouting. Because it is the place where people expose themselves deeply and intimately, both artists as key players and someway also us as spectators. It will be exciting to surround yourself with this authentic artistic nourishment; The emotion is even deeper due to the fact that our collection was born and started from the interest in the evolution of classical art and from the reinterpretation of ancient legends: we look forward to sailing towards the harbor of Ithaca!

Our ideal collection

Our story as collectors accidentally started with a love at first sight (Fabrizio Cotognini).

Since that time we realized that the pleasure of seeing a work, studying it, understanding it, examining it in depth with its maker was an all-encompassing and invaluable experience and because of that, we simply continued to search. At first, our interest was captured by works that took inspiration from the Classic world to give it new life.

The references to the classicism that moved us were of various types: they could be in the subjects, in the values, in the messages, in the pictorial techniques and in the use of colors. With the help of the artists we then gradually began to appreciate different themes and styles. The main reason to buy an artwork is both the empathy with the work and with the artist, that feeling of falling in love that flows from it. We only buy what deeply moves us, because the act of bringing a work in our home means welcoming it in our deepest intimacy.

Chiara Caliceti | Collector

Why SetUp?

Under the surface of the more "institutional" art world there is a not yet mapped area, partly unexplored, but with unlimited opportunities. I love contemporary art and I deeply believe in SetUp's mission: to identify this potential, to discover the most precious gems and let them shine in a highly valued background, getting in touch with experts and enthusiasts. There is a generation of young artists and creative people who wish to stand out and want their voices to be heard. They bring in new colors and ideas. They feel the urgent need to communicate their vision, with the clarity and "visionarity" of those who already have a foot in the future.

SetUp represents, in my opinion, a catalyst. It is a space of expression, a sky full of static electricity from which flashes originate to enlighten, for brief and intense instant, the path. Pure energy in movement. Towards where? It depends on us, and this is the challenge we are taking up. From this nursery of talents there are no pre-packaged answers, but new questions that spur us to invest in culture and the exchange of ideas to build a better society together.

My ideal collection

I believe young people’s resources, in their freshness and recklessness, in their hunger for the future. Thus, my ideal collection is colorful, full of energy and overwhelming. But it is not a vain exercise of style. The artist is an integral part of the social milieu, who interprets its moods and describes its underground concerns, offering an interpretation of the social context.

He/she promotes a message that also highlights the drift towards which we risk heading. The artist defends, with his/her own existence, a space of pure and free expression and re-elaboration of the present.

Tavole Rotonde

Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo

Glocal. Beyond the Border

Migration  has changed and it will continue to shape the social and demographic pattern of the territories we know, altering the concept of boundaries and borders. More and more cities have to face problems deriving from inadequate services and the absence of adequate political measures; on the other hand cities are dealing with a mix of different realities and habitscreating new worlds in an unconscious way. Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo together with Set Up Contemporary Fair will offer a varied and versatile project, consisting in three meetings, which will analyze the question of borders from multiple perspectives and with an interdisciplinary approach. Three round tables and various guests will deal with the relationship between art and geographyi.e the construction and articulation of geographical thoughtbetween the places of memory and non-places. In opposition in the surmodernity between “relationship with” and alienation, and borders in / from the network. Meetings will take place within the fair, at Fondazione Guglielmo’s stand, together with President Rocco Guglielmo and curated by Simona Caramia.


SetUp Art Fair evaluates under 35 artists and curators presented by the galleries, giving to the best one an award consisting for the best and for the best critical text.The awards winners will be announced on Friday 1st February 2019 from 8pm in the Talk Area.

2017's winner

Alice Paltrinieri, Celeste

2018's winner

Olmo Amato, Pittrice Giapponese

Courtesy BI-BOx Art Space

Tiziano Campolmi Association, in line with the aims of its statute, wants to keep alive the memory of Tiziano Campolmi promoting creative talents. After the success of the 2018 edition, the association renews its presence at SetUp by promoting the Tiziano Campolmi Award in order to enhance the work of a young artist who carries out his research in the field of photography. The association will support the winner’s research by acquiring his work.The selection of the selected work will be articulated in two phases; the first one will involve the popular vote through the Facebook  and Instagram page dedicated to the Prize.During the fair’s days, the works nominated for the Award will be pinpointed with a special mark and the public will express their likes until the closing day, Saturday 2 February 2018 at 24.00. The five works that will have reached the highest rating of satisfaction will be admitted to the second phase of selection operated by the Selection Committee, who will decree the winner.The winner will be selected by a commission made of the founding members of the Association together with the SetUp management.The proclamation will take place Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 15.00. The President of the Andrea Benericetti Association will award the Prize.

2017's winner

Nicola Malnato, The Importance of Breathing: Deep Stairway

2018's winner

Martina Esposito, Danae

For the VII edition of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, A.T. Cross Company for the art will elect, among the candidates, the best artist whose work is realized on the paper provided by the SMLT brand. It is an initiative strongly desired by the entrepreneur Lorenzo Motta, who is a great art lover and, together with his partner Marco Rossi in Santara Srl, considered the partnership with Simona Gavioli, president of a fair dedicated to contemporary artistic production, could best express all the potential of paper as an enhancing element of an artwork.The roadmap of the contest is divided into two stages. During the first step, artists will produce their work on SMLT Smiltainis paper, supplied by Santara; the works will then be exhibited during the days of the fair and marked to visitors with a tag "candidate for the A.T. Cross Company for the art ". The next step will be the award ceremony: on Friday 1st February 2019 the commission composed by Santara’s CEO and a jury of experts selected by SetUp Contemporary Art Fair will choose the winning work.Santara will buy the chosen work and finance the catalog of the award-winning artist, which will then be published by Il Rio Edizioni.



Barbara Baroncini, “The way we touch the ground”, 2018,installazione video

The way we touch the ground

Barbara Baroncini

Una lunga striscia di argilla, pensata come una vera e propria scultura, viene arrotolata su se stessa in seguito alla ripetizione di un unico gesto. L'argilla è fresca e trattiene su di se tutto ciò che in contra lungo il cammino. Nel procedere la materia si aggiunge, non si sceglie né si sottrae.

Terra con terra, argilla sull'argilla, morbidezza contro morbidezza, fertilità nella fertilità.

Barbara Baroncini mostra le sue mani riprese dall'altro mentre processano il gesto ciclico della raccolta e le riporta nella video installazione presentata per Setup Contemporary Art Fair 2019. L'azione è colta nel suo procedere, non si conosce l'inizio e al contempo si esclude la fine.

L'uso improprio del materiale e le peculiarità della materia sono gli elementi coi quali Barbara Baroncini parla del suo lavoro: un lungo percorso in cui il processo e la fatica sono le componenti che contraddistinguono la dimensione del fare.

Rappresentazione del cosmo

Caterina Morigi

Il geografo bizantino Cosma Indicopleuste, vissuto nel IV secolo, colloca l’intero universo, l’ambiente in cui hanno sede tutti i corpi materiali esistenti, all’interno di un tabernacolo.

A partire da un’illustrazione medioevale di questa concezione, l’artista Caterina Morigi materializza linee e campiture in una scultura di mosaico racchiusa in uno scrigno.

L’installazione polimaterica dà forma a un immaginario, aprendo uno spazio di pensiero insieme antico e contemporaneo.

Esegesi della libertà

Luca Maria Castelli, a cura di Maria Letizia Tega

Nelle fotografie di Luca Maria Castelli è ritratta una Penelope moderna , che oggi come allora vive di contraddizioni.

La donna che rappresenta Castelli è libera, eppure imprigionata nel suo erotismo: è questa la tela che è nel contempo una salvezza e una condanna, per lei.

E se nel poema Omerico Penelope esisteva soltanto in funzione di un uomo, qui è protagonista assoluta del suo racconto.

Le immagini che saranno esposte nella Cappella di Palazzo Pallavicini sono parole di una sceneggiatura, semanticamente legate ma semioticamente indipendenti: ogni scatto è una narrazione a sé, vive di vita propria, insieme però descrivono la forte fragilità dell’eros.

I'(m) SOLA

Di e con Marina Visentini ed Elena Copelli in collaborazione con Teatro Magro

Genere: teatro - danza - movimento e parola

durata 20/30 minuti


isola è donna che guarda l'orizzonte mentre beve un drink

è il dubbio: salutare o dormire, aspettare o andare, ridere o piangere

senza trovare soluzione

isola è l' acqua intorno, è il pesce che nuota, è la casa col cane

col cane che dorme e attende un padrone senza nome

poi alla fine il padrone non arriva

e la soluzione vien da se


La performance a cura di Marina Visentini e Elena Copelli presenta l'isola come luogo in trasformazione da meta turistica a luogo di smarrimento, fino a diventare posto sicuro e caldo. Una visione introspettiva e immaginifica della donna Penelope che si sdoppia mostrando due delle infinite parti: quella che spera e quella che non spera piu'.

Due donne parti della stessa donna bidimensionale che sdoppia il suo essere in una sequenza fisica dissociata che vive lo spazio dell'isola come limite ed opportunità allo stesso tempo nella ricerca di una identità perduta e poi ritrovata.


Marta Pujades, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Moneiba Lemes/Alby Álamo e César Schofield Cardoso, a cura di Manuela Valentini

Marta Pujades, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Moneiba Lemes/Alby Álamo e César Schofield Cardoso sono islanders, giovani videoartisti che provengono rispettivamente da Palma di Maiorca, Cuba, Gran Canaria e Capo Verde. Attraverso il linguaggio delle immagini in movimento, essi sono chiamati a formulare risposte personali a molteplici quesiti, a partire dal fondamentale “cosa significa essere isolani?”

VISIBILE - INVISIBILE: paesaggio e confine (2018)

Francesco Bartoli, Massimiliano Moro, a cura di Anna de Fazio Siciliano e Francesco Bartoli

È con l’intento di unire in una contrazione poetico artistica la visione di Francesco Bartoli e quella di Massimiliano Moro, che nel 2018 nasce il progetto espositivo VISIBILE - INVISIBILE.

Nell’ universo creativo dei due, accomunati da un fare silenzioso, molte cose hanno il sapore dell’imprevisto, dell’incontro con qualcosa di visibilmente etereo e invisibilmente concreto: una luce scultorea che insegue la materia e si spinge oltre i confini del formato espositivo o un foglio di carta che registra ogni sfumatura della polvere del quotidiano.

Attenti alle mutazioni delle cose che li circondano, la loro ricerca cos’è se non un modo per catturare la fugacità del tempo attraverso immagini altrettanto sfuggenti ed effimere?

Il tema su cui si concentra la mostra - e attraverso il quale i due creeranno il loro dialogo - è il paesaggio e il suo confine.

Cosa definisce un paesaggio oggi? quali sono i suoi confini poetici, politici, metaforici e umani?

Queste le domande a cui Bartoli e Moro cercheranno di dare artisticamente

risposta. Il progetto concepito come “viaggio sotto pelle, sotto la superficie delle cose” è un percorso visivo in cui le luci/ombre di Moro e la carta di Bartoli, si incroceranno  – a volte fondendosi - per tracciare una serie di paesaggi metaforici e mutevoli, la cui tensione è approfondire e ridisegnare l’idea di paesaggio contemporaneo.