SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is a contemporary art fair which focuses its attention on emerging artists. Established in 2013, it is now celebrating its fifth edition. It takes place in Bologna during the art week.

Setup means: “preparing the operations for the next start of a system, and it indicates the fair’s intentions: ignite a new process to rethink the art system. SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is the first and only fair designed to make interact the three key figures of the contemporary art establishment: artist – curator/critic – gallerist.
Our format asks exhibitors to present a curatorial project, with at least an under 35 artists combined with a critic text written by an under 35 curator.

Why do we do all this?
To provide new horizons, to promote galleries that invests on emerging artists, to grew a new generation of collectors, to generate a virtuous short circuit between trade and culture, to increase the public and most of all because we believe in the possibility of creating a healthy cultural economy.

Over the past five editions SetUp has hosted over 190 galleries, 34 foreign galleries, giving space to more than 800 artists; the cultural program offered 111 talks and 33 performances allowing more than 48,000 visitors to get in touch with emerging talents.

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is a project created and ideated by Simona Gavioli and Alice Zannoni