Daring means losing your equilibrium for a moment, not daring means losing yourself
(Soren Kierkegaard)


Equilibrium is the guiding theme of the fifth edition of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair.

Equilibrium, as interpreted by Kierkegaard, plays on a subtle paradox which sees restlessness as our existential drive.
Coherent with modern times which are decidedly marked by instability, the exhibitors of SetUp 2017 will be asked to explore economic, social, political relationship and geographical solutions but also physical, technological or formal and identity situations through a curatorial project based on the theme of equilibrium in which proportion, harmony, symmetry, static, as well as excess, dynamics, imbalance and the action of forces are the points where opportunities for interpreting the present through art open up.

We are asking the exhibitors of SetUp 2017 to dare, in order to do not lose themselves!