Every year, the Organizational management team of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair make use of the art establishment professionalism to scouting activities and guarantee, together with the directional committee, the winners of SetUp Award.

The Scientific Committee of 2017 is composed by Diego Bergamaschi and Silvia Evangelisti.

Diego Bergamaschi


Why SetUp?

I received with excitement and enthusiasm the request to contribute to SetUp Scientific Commettee 2017 because I believe that art need more than ever innovation and experimentation, not only in the artistic display, but especially in fairs format, as well as experimentation and not only od cultural research but also brave new different point of views.
I hope that my passion will guide me in being able to grasp ideas that this opportunity will offer me.



Corporate finance executive, fifteen years ago he turned his fascination for visual arts (ancient and modern) in contemporary art collecting.
In addition to its own research, the creation and enrichment of a personal art collection. From 2014 he served as Vice President of the Executive Council of GAMeC Friends Bergamo and Club GAMeC. In 2015 he founded together with other six art collectors: Seven Gravity Collection, aimed to promote video art and build a coherent collection of young international artists.

Silvia Evangelisti


Why SetUp?

SetUp, again!
SetUp because it is a cool fair, constantly moving, edition after edition.
SetUp because it is a free place, where you can observe the work of the young european generation, and make some interesting discoveries.
SetUp because curiosity keeps young minds alert.
SetUp because it is not just a a fair like so many others, it has taste, color and character.
SetUp because I have seen it coming into the world and thrive, and this is a great pleasure.
SetUp because its visitors know why. And they will come back for the next edition.



A graduate in modern languages with a thesis in the history of Contemporary Art, in 1989 she received a Phd in the History of Art. From 1986 till 2015 she has taught Contemporary Art History and methodology of Art Criticism at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna.
1988 saw the start of her association with ArteFiera in Bologna, first as artistic consultant and then from 2003 to 2012 as Artistic Director.
From 1983 to 2004 she was correspondent for ‘Il Giornale dell’Arte’ (Umberto Allemandi Editore, Turin).
She is regularly engaged as a lecturer to talk on modern and contemporary art issues at public and private institutions, both in Italy and abroad.
From 2005 till 2009 she is a member of Unicredit commission of art.
In 2012 she is appointed by the department of Visual Arts at the University of Bologna to teach Avant Garde and Neo Avant-Garde.