art-design section

“In Italy design starts from art because factories did not existed”
(Manlio Brusatin)


It is not art and not design: it is art-design.

But what is it exactly?

It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that; it is the result of a ‘morganatic marriage’ that generates a third pole made of objects and things that are between the narrow definition of design as an industrial project – with all the relevant requirements in the wide and endless controversy between form and function – and the work of art that is not obliged to fulfill any technical or practical function, and recognizes itself in the teaching of beauty.

The double name, art-design, generates confusion in a field that has not been theorized because art-design’s essence is just a matter of equilibrium between art and design. SetUp -now at its fifth edition, guided by the theme of equilibrium- has decided to open its doors to a small experimental section dedicated to this expression in order to systemize relations, connections and to start an handover between this two spheres of production: art and the design, believing that is possible and necessary to build a specific identity.

HANDOVER, literally, is the willing to give space to the designer’s orientation towards the pictorial/sculptural sense of the object.

Furthermore, the word HANDOVER, composed by the words ‘hand’ and ‘over’, implicitly contains the deep sense of the art-design planning; close to contemporary art, especially in the poetic expression of the object and in the modus operandi of the thought that generates the object dimension, regardless of the hands that will give life to the finished product, which do not lessen trade or industrial applications.

The art-design object, as the work of art, becomes a witness of material culture, in a truly cultural productive approach. Because of its own nature, it expresses its very own way of being object in a form that goes beyond functionality and its intended use, opening itself to polysemy.

HANDOVER, is the revelation of the objects exhibited through a process by which art is made visible through art.