Tiziano Campolmi Association in line with the aims of its charter, wants to keep alive the memory of Tiziano Campolmi with actions that will promote creative talents. This year the association will promote the work of a young artist who continues his research in photography. The association will support the research of the artist, selected by the jury with up to 2500 euro, equal to the maximum value of the photographic work rewarded.

The selection of the work is done with the popular vote through the faceboook page Premio Tiziano Campolmi of the Prize starting from 3 January 2017. During the fair the nominated works will be marked and the public can express its like until Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 1.00 pm. The five works with the highest approval rating will be subjected to the selection of the Selection Committee

The winner will be selected by a committee composed by: the funding members of the association together with SetUp direction, Simona Gavioli and Alice Zannoni.
The announcement will take place Sunday 29th January 2017 at 3 p.m in the Talk Area. The Prize will be awarded by the the President of the Association Andrea Benericetti.

Tiziano Campolmi Award

Reasons: for the visual and dreamlike ability that goes back to Nolan and for the dynamism of a work not categorized in a deja-vĂ¹, Tiziano Campolmi Award goes to the photographic work The Importance of Breathing: Deep Stairway by Nicola Malnato represented by metroquadro from Turin.

Nicola Malnato_The Importance of Breathing Deep Stairway_Premio Tiziano Campolmi