Alviani ArtSpace, it is a space dedicated to the contamination between artistic and technological languages within the Aurum of Pescara, in line with the purposes of their own independent and experimental research. Alviani ArtSpace wants to enhance the work of a young artists exhibited in the S.O.S SetUp Open Space section.

The selected artist will be invited to create and exhibition project during the exhibition season of 2017-2018, specifically designed for Alviani artSpace, an unique space reachable through a striking cinematic experience, a real journey of initiation through a black and white tunnel, a site specific work made by Getullio Alviani for Fuori Uso 1995.

The selected artist will be the one able to exploit the Equilibrium theme, as a lack of peace, capable of generating an existential engine, experimenting and daring more than the others.
The winner will be selected by a committee composed by: the founding members of Alviani ArtSace along with SetUp Board, Simona Gavioli and Alice Zannoni.

The prize will be conferred by the artistic Director of Alviani ArtSpace, Lucia Zappacosta.
The announcement will take place on Friday, 27 January from 20:00 to 21:00 in the Talk Area.

Alviani ArtSpace Award

Reasons: for the investigation of the equilibrium theme conjugated to the present and amplified with the mindfulness practice, and for the sense of loss of balance synthesized in the experience and powerful contrast between the cleanness of the images and sound disorientation, Alviani ArtSpace Award goes to Ilaria Biotti with the project 8min20sec – on Time Travelling presented by Associazione Culturale Peninsula from Berlin

Ilaria Biotti_8min20sec – on Time Travelling © Rosy Dennetta-8