Il Lumachino ristorante

Before start cooking, no one had ever taught her,
Ringo , approached gracefully foods to her face,
She spoke to them with her eyes closed, as if they were newborn creatures.
She listened to the voice of the ingredients, with the nose and cheeks.
She felt, smelled, she made sure of their condition
and she asked them how they wanted to be cooked.
They responded and suggested always the most appropriate way.

SetUp, this year will have its own special restaurant inspired by the book Restaurant of love regained that tells the story of Ringo, a young woman working in the kitchens of a turkish restaurant in Tokyo. One day returning home from work, wishing to cook a special dinner for her boyfriend, she is shocked to found that her flat is totally empty. There is nothing left: no refrigerator, no television, no washing machine and no furniture. Gone are even cooking utensils and, above all, her indian boyfriend, the maître of the restaurant next door to the one she works in, a boy with a scented spiced skin. The shock of Ringo is so huge that she remain petrified in the middle of her empty flat, she is not able to speak anymore. She decides therefore, to return to her native village.
In the quiet of the mountains, Ringo decided to open, in an old barn belonging to her family, a very special restaurant, one that serves food for only one couple every day. The restaurant is called ‘Katatsumuri’ or ‘Il lumachino’ (meaning little snail)
Il Lumachino hosted at SetUp, is a place where you can regain possession of time. We  decided to dedicate a space to talk about the conviviality of the table. A reality in which you can savor the typical cuisine of Bologna. The ancient flavors of lasagna, the petroniana, the boiled meats with sauces served from the trolley. The tradition meets modernity through the marriage of culinary arts run by Party Ricevimenti together with the visual art created by EL FOOSER.
As EL FOOSER says: “Navigation charts, along with the stars, were the first orientation means that the man has had available. I paint marine animals, phlegmatic giants fluctuating with rhythm, they know for sure which is the right direction.
Guidance is therefore essential for life? How would live without it? Surely, we would not have the knowledge of ourselves. I set my route to the discovery of the soul.
Dishes AL LUMACHINO, are dishes of love regained. The love for food, for art, for ourselves, for the time that we pursue and we allocate to the others. We want to orient ate ourselves, thinking that with love you can create simple dishes that make the heart beat as it does a work of art.
AL Lumachino the kitchen is able to make us become who we really want to be.
In the kitchen, as in art, you can not fake.


Il Ristorantino
First Courses
The classic lasagna bolognese
Tortellini in capon broth
Soup (vegetarian)

Second courses
Boiled meats with mashed potatoes and green sauce
Cutting board with salumi and cheeses with bread sticks and crescente
Petroniana with pumpkin sauce and caramelized onion
Veal meatballs, fresh tomatoes, peas and marjoram
Scalloped red potatoes, chard and Parmesan cream
The big salad

Rice cake
Zuppa inglese
Chocolate ‘salami’ with vanilla cream
Sliced fresh fruit

DOC wines from our hills (glass or bottle)
Mineral waters