Inside SetUp Contemporary Art Fair there is a Bookshop, a space where you can find catalogs, art books, necklaces, editorial and recent publications. The Bookshop is managed by Agenzia NFC.

The Bookshop’s fitting is realized by LAGO, an innovative Italian design brand.
LAGO has a broad vision: design is a discipline that produces sense and not just only products, able to innovate the entire production chain and to propose new perspectives and new models of living. More than products, LAGO draws alphabets and invites the consumer to use them, creating a shared design enriched by the energy of the user.

Spending more time in a quality environment enhance the quality life itself.
This is the kind of vision that inspires LAGO, and it can be summed up with the slogan “Interior Life”, a phrase that indicates both the inner life, related to the emotional side of all of us, and to the inside life, the one that we lead in offices, homes, hotels, hospitals and schools; spaces that has to be planned with a design that makes you feel good.
Surrounding environment profoundly affects our inner life, neuroscience has confirmed this sentence. It is therefore necessary to empathize with the inhabited areas. We must establish a relationship between us and the space around us.
Based on this precept, LAGO has developed a modular design that works like an alphabet to decorate rooms in harmony with one’s inner life.

LAGO “Interior Life” philosophy is enclosed in a 11 point manifesto that outlines the key elements of their thought. Point 6, is like an empty space to be furnished: everyone will fill it with their own experiences and values.